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Flystep silicone PU
Silicon PU is one of the common sports flooring, giving professional sports performance on the ground.

Flystep silicone PU is the use of German technology, breaking the traditional development of the third generation of modified PU. It is the domestic patent material of multi-functional sports and easy installation. One-component silicone ployurethane modified into elastic rebound structure, two-component acrylic modified into wear-resistant surface layer, it can be directly spread on concrete and asphalt foundation, no foaming, cracking, Layer phenomenon, with wear resistance, anti-aging, anti-skid, anti-fouling, bright color and excellent performance of hard top soft down structure. This product is the best choice for outdoor sports venues, widely used in basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts and so on.

Flystep silicone PU
Flystep Silicone PU Sport Court Material Series
  • Water-proof primer
  • Top coating Paint
  • Slicone PU cushion layer
  • Line marking paint
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Professional Sports Performance
of Silicon PU
Facilitate Movement in Changing Directions
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