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The machine is powered by usa kohler gaso ine engine with 25HPAllthe lunctions the equipment are combined with mechanicaland hydrauilc controlThe walking equipment is mechani caltransmissionsand lilingcombingbrush lifting equipment steering are allhydraulic control. The speed 01 the equipment is moving at a constant speed. The constructi on time is 1-16 meters per minute and the working width is 1.4 mete. The speed 01 the empty car is 1 to 95 meters per minute.The sand gate can be adjusted in advance to controlthe spread 01quartz  sand and rubber granulesThe spreading speed is transmitted by sand lilled roller under constant speed. The hanging brush head device can adjust the depth in advanceln the same processthe vibrating brush head willcomb the lilling material evenly to the roots the grass and to make lullplay 01 the role quartz sandlixed grass.

Drive System: Hydraulic Pump/Valve/Motor ByHyauilc Trasmission System

Driving Device: Kohler engine lrom USA

Machine Weight: 1650kg

Power: 25HP

Sand Fililng Width: 1400mm

Moving Speed: 1-16/1-95

Sand Loading Capacity: 1500m/min

Appearance Measurement: 3060x1800X1370mm

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